airborne - Co-authored airborne, an RSpec driven API testing framework.
  ember-stickler - Authored ember-stickler, a component based validation library for ember.
  ember-cli-deploy-change-log - Authored ember-cli-deploy-change-log, an ember-cli-deploy plugin for adding a git change-log to your deployment context.
  bunyan-slack - Authored bunyan-slack, a bunyan stream for Slack chat integration
  bugzscout - Authored bugzscout, a node wrapper around the bugzscout API.
  bunyan-fogbugz - Authored bunyan-fogbugz, a bunyan stream or sending automated crash reports to FogBugz.
  faker-rs - Co-authored Faker-rs, a port of Faker for Rust.
  soft-limits - Authored soft-limits, a Kubernetes controller that adds support for soft resource limits.
  bogie - Authored bogie, a templating tool for Kubernetes clusters.
  kubernetes-sigs/aws-encryption-provider - Authored aws-encryption-provider, an APIServer encryption provider, backed by AWS KMS
  ecr-cleaner - Authored ecr-cleaner, a tool for cleaning up untagged ecr images.
  dockerbox - Authored dockerbox, a tool for running docker containers.


  kubernetes/kops - Actively contributing to the project.
  kubernetes/ingress - Added support for per minute rate limiting, rate limit whitelist, and some docs updates.
  kubernetes/autoscaler - Added ability to scale from/to 0 with AWS.
  kubernetes-sigs/kustomize - Actively contributing to the project.
  ember-cli-deploy/ember-cli-deploy - Updated activate and deploy pipeline hooks.
  ember-cli-deploy/ember-cli-deploy-s3 - Added support for server side encryption.
  ember-cli-deploy/ember-cli-deploy-s3-index - Added support for server side encryption.
  istanbul - Added functionality to pass file extensions to hookRequire.
  gulp-istanbul - Added options to hookRequire.
  grunt-istanbul - Added optional instrumenter argument.
  eslint - Added support for namespaced plugins.
  camelize - Added Support for Regex and Dates.
  request - Refactored some code.
  node-slug - Fixed failing tests.
  rust - Edited docs.
  grape - Added docs for testing grape applications with airborne.
  geokit-rails - Edited docs.
  env-is - Edited docs.